Image Tellers is a family collaboration of award winner photographers and videographers Zsófia Pályi and Bálint Hirling using visual language as an expression form. We are husband and wife and we both work as professional photographers for more than a decade now. We love to work together, share our good ideas, and strengthen the quality of the final image with each other’s assistance. We are fascinated by the magic of this art form that never makes us bored, since every single assignment stands out as a new challenge. 

We are well experienced in many fields of photography, of course, we have some beloved sections. Our work focuses on portrait photography - either creative art portraits or stunning business portraits - lifestyle photography - because we love to take branding photographs of special locations like a nice-looking winery, a cozy restaurant or a new wave coffee shop; architecture photography - since Zsófi's both parents are architects, so we had many inspiration in our own family - and roadster photography that covers nature and travel images, drone photos, and car advertisements. We both love to be on the road, Bálint brings this attitude from his racing years as a rower, Zsófi had the same experience with skiing and sailing. 

Please, let us know if you need some new photos for your project or business.
We are up for creative challenges, tell us how we can help you, then we will tell your story with our images.  



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